This is a throwback to a very special desert shoot last December. The setting of the golden dunes of Dubai around sunset was really pretty, but this family was certainly very special.

      I always like to know a little about you before we actually meet for the shooting. I like to understand the dynamic of the family, your expectations, but also get to know a little bit of each personality. I really insist on having your feedback to my short questionnaire, and I was so happy mom gave me so many details about her family and her five kids. Yes, five amazing kids, almost as many skin colors, and a wonderful family story.

      We really had a lot of fun together climbing these dunes, and I believe we were able to paint the special bonds between each of them. I love the portraits with the genuine smiles, but I love even more the images of two kids sharing a joke, of mom’s hand in her daughter’s hair, of dad having a big laugh with his boys. I’ll always make sure to catch the nice portraits, but I’ll also be chasing those precious “in between” moments where you connect with each other. Those images make me proud to be a photographer, I feel you will cherish them in time.

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