A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure to photograph the very talented Akemi and her beautiful family, at home where they love spending time together and at their favorite beach. I still can’t believe what this city has offered me since we moved here, especially meeting people from so many different countries and cultures. It was something that kind of worried me when I started photographing families here. Will I be able to understand and capture the vibe of each family? Am I putting too much of my culture into my images, how can I make sure they tell a true story? I am more and more convinced that if I let you be who you are in front of my camera, give directions but not guiding you all the way, then the magic happens in front of my eyes and I just have to enhance it with the light!

      This was true again for this session, which was special in many ways… I met Akemi when I was still learning everything about photography. She has encouraged me so much into this new project, has shared her knowledge, her passion, a few morning coffees as well! One thing that I miss from my previous life is having colleagues, I am lucky to count her as a friend and almost a colleague in this new world! Earlier this year, she created the most beautiful desert photos for our family, I was so happy to return the favor for hers! That was also the opportunity to create one of my first family films, they couldn’t have been more perfect, those two little boys stole my heart! Will be sharing this soon as well…


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