It is hard to give a precise guideline of what family lifestyle photography is, as it can vary quite much from one photographer to another. Some of them will guide throughout the session, suggesting some poses, while others will work as discreetly as possible, documenting the life unfolding before their eyes.

      I personnaly think I can combine these two approaches, but my intention for every single shooting remains the same : capturing life, emotions and connections between the parents, their babies, their children, and delivering them a piece of their story. This is the one reason why I love home sessions. After a short introduction, the kids go back to their games, the baby needs to be fed, or changed, and the parents are driven back to their everyday life. The embarrassment disappears in no time, the real emotions are back. This is where I can concentrate on capturing authenticity, surrounded by your environment. This is why your images will look like no other.

      This shooting of a family welcoming a baby sister is a good example of what lifestyle photography is to me. It was pure and simple. Everyone was so much connected, it was easy for me to look for special moments and details. Let your kids do what they want, switch from one room to another, I can discreetly run after them! Just go on with your life, show me the moments you want to remember, I will make sure the natural light of your home enhances them.