This was a sweet winter afternoon photoshoot on the beach in Dubai, with an adorable baby girl. We had a really nice moment enjoying the sand, the breeze and the beautiful sunset. This photoshoot was amazing in many ways, and yet we kept it very simple. Let me share with you a few tricks that for sure will turn your photoshoot into a great experience and a beautiful photo gallery.

      It doesn’t take a lot to prepare yourself and your family for an unposed, lifestyle photoshoot. I usually tell mom to put on a nice flowy dress especially if we are going outside (can we all agree this one was gorgeous?!!), and try to have all the family wearing colors that compliment each other. We make ourselves comfortable when we arrive at the location, we drop our shoes most of the time because well… sand is pretty much everywhere in Dubai! I have a plan in my head that I share with them, and I just tell mum and dad to focus on the moment and try to forget I’m here. The kids usually do this very well… I describe my work as unposed, but I tend to give directions throughout the session. I know where the nice light is, where we can find a beautiful background, so I will drive you there and I will suggest doing a few things, but the whole purpose is for you to feel natural, confortable, and enjoy the moment. That way I can capture the genuine smiles, your natural gesture and many other details that make your family so special. I can also count on the kids to divert us from the plan so we can be sure each session is very unique!

      This photoshoot is the perfect example of how simple a photoshoot can be, and how it easily turns into beautiful, authentic images. So if you’re still wondering if you’ll be booking a session this year, don’t hesitate anymore!

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