The best part of this photo shoot is it wasn’t planned at all. I showed up to my dear friend for a tea time during a visit in Paris, we both had in mind some serious catch up after six months of not seeing each other. I was about to meet a precious baby boy who was born in between that time. We did chat for a long time, the kids were playing around, having their snack, the baby gently babbling in his rocker. And there comes the beautiful light of the late afternoon. I have my camera in my bag, and we decide to improvise a shooting. The little time we had made it all very intense and yet simple. You really only need a window to light up the faces and save authentic memories of an everyday afternoon.

      This was meant to be a gift to her, it ended up being an even greater one to me. I got thanked for revealing the personnality of each of her children through that little set of images, which means the world to me. As a friend, and as a photographer.