AS A MUM OF THREE, there are a number of things I still don’t know about family and kids.
      How a baby learns so fast how to giggle, play with his hands, hold a spoon, say his siblings names. Why his little hand keeps hanging out of his cot when he falls asleep, and why his skin smells so nice. I don’t know what is driving him to run straight ahead as soon as he learns how to walk.

      I do have a clue why his smile gets bigger when your face gets closer and how your love expands each time your eyes meet…

      What I am sure of, is how much you will want to remember each of these precious moments and how they need to be captured in an authentic way. And although you meant to create a family album for your own pleasure, it will somehow become your kids favourite book. I have experienced it, and feel the need of documenting our everyday life even more since we left our Parisian home a few years ago to live in Dubai.


      I am dedicated to create pictures of simple, poignant and beautiful moments. Each glance, smile, laugh and cuddle will tell the story of your your family. For a moment, I will plunge in the intimacy of your home, or will invite you to a beautiful place around Dubai, and the click of my camera will discreetly save those precious moments and the emotions that come out of them.

      I take natural photographs in natural settings using natural light. Any part of your home or the beautiful outdoor locations of our city will be my source of inspiration, and we will make the most of every sunbeam.


      Photo credits : Akemi Hoshi & Lidiya Kalichuk


      Please drop me a line !